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Il-Gok Meaning: The philosopher and scholar Yi I who was nicknamed Confucious of Korea. The 38 movements represent his birthplace on the 38th latitude of Korea.


Joong-Gun Meaning: Patriot Ahn Joong-Gun, who assassinated the 1st Japanese Governor General of Korea. There are 32 movements, which represent Ahn’s age when he was executed at Lui-Shung Prison in 1910.


Toi-Gye Meaning: The penname of the scholar Yi Hwang, who was an authority on Neo-Confucianism. There are 37 movements, which represent his birthplace on the 37th latitude of Korea.


Hwa-Rang Meaning: The elite youth group that eventually unified the three kingdoms of Korea. 29 movements


Choong-Moo Meaning: Was the given name to the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin of the Lee Dynasty. He was reputed to have invented the first armoured battleship (Kobukson) which was the precursor of the present day submarine in 1592 A.D. The reason why this pattern ends up with a left hand […]


Kwang-Gae Meaning: Named after the famous Kwang-Gae-Toh-Wang, the 19th King of the Koguryo Dynasty, who regained all the lost territories including the greater part of Manchuria. The pattern represents the expansion and recovery of lost territory. The 39 movements refer to the first two figures of 391 A.D., the year […]