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Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center, Inc. Green Bay, WI

Tournament Breaking
Tournament Form
Tournament Forms
Tournament Forms
Fundraiser Break
Fundraiser Break
4.29.23 Judo Testing for 1st Degree Black Belt & Green Belt during the schools 50th Anniversary Testing
Judo Testing
Judo Testing
Promoted to Sixth Degree
Promoted to Sixth Degree
Promoted to Third Degree
Promoted to Second Degree
Promoted to First Degree
Promoted to First Degree
Promoted to Black Tip
Yellow Testing to Green
Blue Tip Testing to Blue
Yearly College Scholarship Presentation to Brown & Black Belts.
Yearly Quality Black Belt Award
Yearly Quality Instructor Award
Yearly Hwa-Rang Do Award for Loyalty & Dedication
50th Anniversary Demonstrations Dedicated to Grand Master Kim
Master Kim’s Family and Master Kim’s Time Line in the Background
Degree Belt Ceremony Presentations
First Degree Belt Ceremony Presentations
Demo’s “In the Round” Standing Room Only, People Looking in the Windows. Students experiencing the emotion of the spectators.
New Second Degree Demonstration
New Second Degree Demonstration for 50th Anniversary
New Sixth Degree Demonstration for 50th Anniversary
New Third Degree Demonstration for 50th Anniversary
Iaido Sword Demonstration
Filipino Stick Fighting Demonstration
Encounter Suit Demonstration – to apply full contact training
Our Official Invite to the Demo’s & Booyah – Sorry if you missed it.
50th Anniversary Booyah
50th Anniversary Bake Sale – Proceeds went to “Cruise for Cancer”
50th Anniversary Shrine to Grand Master Kim
50th Anniversary Photo’s through the Years
50th Anniversary Time Line of Master Kim
50th Anniversary Photo & Signature Book
50th Anniversary Table Decoration made from TKD Boards
Over 100 Students Attended the 50th Anniversary Event
Students of all ages attended the dinner.
Photo Opportunities on every wall of the facility.
50th Anniversary Cake
Kim’s TKD & Judo 50 Year Journey
Ed Manning – Master Judo Instructor, Grand Master Yung Sam Kim, Master Penny Duggan among their Masters, Head Instructors and Black Belts.
Very grateful for our talented group of Black Belts.
Thank you to Grand Master Yung Sam Kim for teaching us the very essence of Tae Kwon Do.
TKD In The Park – Open Air Training
TKD In The Park
Very proud of the accomplishments of our students and local organizations that help support us in our fundraising efforts.
Fundraiser – Brick Break
Fundraiser – Brick Break
Fundraiser – Brick Break
Fundraiser – Brick Break
Brick Breaking Demonstration
Fundraiser – Board Break
Tournament Grand Champion
Tournament Grand Champion
Sparring Competition
Forms Competition
Breaking Competition
Summer TKD & Judo Training Camp
Summer Camp Training with Grand Master Kim
Summer Training Camp
Summer TKD Training Camp
Demonstration for Arena Football Half Time Show
Demonstration for the Green Bay Blizzard Half Time Show
Judo Demonstration
In the seven minute half time show we demonstrated Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Self-Defense.
Self-Defense Workshops – Making high school seniors street smart.
Stop the Attack – Teaching how to block.
Self-Defense Work Shop – Making College Women Street Smart
Master Penny Duggan 1976
Master Penny Duggan – Side Kick
Master Penny Duggan in Korea
Fundraiser – Brick Break
Fundraiser – Board Break
Fundraiser – Board Break
Tournament – Free Sparring
Tournament – Free Sparring
Tournament Grand Champion
Tournament – Judges & Competitors
Getting Ready for Promotion Testing
Tournament Grand Champion
Tournament Grand Champion
Fundraiser Donation
Testing – Side Kick
Testing – Forms Facing Different Direction
Testing – Free Sparring
Grand Master Kim – Founded Kim’s TKD & Judo in 1973
Judo Training Camp Seminar
Finishing/Submission Hold Training
Finishing/Submission Hold Training
Come Along/ Escort Holds Training
Escape Hold Training
Kim’s TKD Training in Korea
Sixth Degree Black Belt Congratulations to Master Mike
Amazing Judo Throw
Judo 50th Anniversary Badge