Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center, Inc. Green Bay, WI

Looking forward to our 50 Anniversary Celebration
Through the years Grand Master Kim has been there for his students.
Ed Manning – Master Judo Instructor, Grand Master Yung Sam Kim, Master Penny Duggan among their Masters, Head Instructors and Black Belts.
Very grateful for our talented group of Black Belts.
Thank you to Grand Master Yung Sam Kim for teaching us the very essence of Tae Kwon Do.
Customer Appreciation – Enjoy our open air training followed by a cookout and campfire.
TKD In The Park
Very proud of the accomplishments of our students and local organizations that help support us in our fundraising efforts.
Fundraiser Brick Break
Fundraiser Brick Break
Fundraiser Brick Break
Fundraiser Brick Break
Fundraiser Board Break
Tournament Grand Champion
Tournament Grand Champion
Sparring Competition
Forms Competition
Breaking Competition
Summer TKD & Judo Training Camp
Summer Camp Training with Grand Master Kim
Summer Training Camp
Summer TKD Training Camp
Demonstration for the Green Bay Blizzard Half Time Show
Brick Breaking Demonstration
Judo Demonstration
Very proud of our demo teams. In the seven minute half time show we demonstrated Judo and Tae Kwon Do Punches, Kicks, Board Breaking, Self-Defense, One-Step and Free Sparring.
Self-Defense Workshops – Making students street smart.
Stop the Attack – Teaching how to block.
Self-Defense Work Shop for College Women
Master Penny Duggan 1976
Master Penny Duggan in Korea
Master Penny Duggan Demonstrating the Side Kick